FB Groups Affliaiation

Welcome to MyMags Club, the best value Global Newsagents that focuses on English Magazines and Newspapers

Designed for people living abroad that don't have access to English Language Publications, and with the most popular brands in-store, often before they make the shelves of street vendors, MyMags Club is the best Global Magazine Subscription service online today.



Our Members have access to 100's of magazines, and many daily Newspapers from the UK and the USA. All, for the best value subscription online today.

Depending on the subscription option selected, members' weekly costs will vary from €2.70 to as little as €1.15, for this, they can download as many magazines and newspapers they want.




We donate €1 euro a month from each members subscription towards saving trees around the world, here are some of our sponsored charities



The Facebook Group awareness project is designed to create interaction with ex-pats living outside the UK or USA, as your group is predominately an ex-pat community we would love to have interaction with its members, and believe that your members should know about our Global News Agency




Our Posts will be scheduled and are focused on interaction, we want comments, likes, and shares the idea is to get to know our customers and get them to know us, occasionally we will offer free publications and Group discounts although this is not the Focus of the project.



As mentioned our posts are scheduled and so as an admin we would require you to ad our preferred scheduling app to your page, it very simple to do

On your groups' page go to:

  • Settings (usually at the bottom of the options)
  • Scroll down to advance settings, you will see APPS
  • In the page GROUP APPS type in POSTCRON in the search bar
  • When the POSTCRON icon appears, click on it
  • The app will open and ask if you want to add, click add
  • All will be done automatically. We use this to schedule posts for your group.
  • That's it, we will send you a reminder on messenger, just click the button POSTRON added




To generate a small thank you for your cooperation in the project, we would like to donate €5 for every new member your group provides, to one of our charities or towards your admin costs, which if you prefer can go to a charity your group prefers.


We need a few details, just take a minute or two