Best Magazine Subscription

Best Magazine Subscriptions

My Mags Club

Designed for Digital users My Mags Club gives subscribers unlimited downloads of all their favourite magazines. For those people who live abroad or in secluded areas and don't have access to English language magazines in shops and stores. It is the NETFLIX of Magazines.

Popular Magazines

Ok! Magazine, Grazia, Good Housekeeping, The Economist, The week, Time, National Geographic, Marie Claire, Shape, Essquire, GQ, Horse & Hound, Match of the Day, Women's Health, Good Food, F1, Prevention, Tatler, Harper's Bazaar,  Bella, Rolling Stone, Adweek, Healthy Food Guide, Closer, & Best Magazine.


We stock Daily and weekly Newspapers printed in English. All our Newspapers are digital downloads in a PDF format and can be read on MOBILE, TABLET, DESKTOP OR KINDLE.

Popular Newspapers

The Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Mail. The Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Sun, The Sunday Sport, The Washington Post, The Daily Express, The Globe, The Independent, USA Today, The Metro, The Daily Star, National Enquirer,  Am New York, The New European.

Best Magazine Subscription

Best magazine Subscription service online today

Our best magazine subscription offer is using this code 124SIX and get 1-year full access for €60 to our subscription site, download all your favorite magazines for free to any of your devices, and read offline.


We stock the latest weekly annd monthly issues with topics that cover the most popular to specialist publications. All our magazines are digital downloads in a PDF format and can be read on MOBILE, TABLET, DESKTOP OR KINDLE.
best magazine subscrption

The future is Digital

My Mags Club is dedicated to promote digital publications, we want to champion the cause, at present 26% of people read digital Magazines. although many of us recycle many don't. Although paper will be part of our future especially when plastic is so harmfull, we must ensure that there are enough trees for our future.


As part of our dedication to planting more trees we donate €1 from every subscription to one of the many worldwide charities dedicated to saving trees, each month we choose a different charity.
Best Magazine Subscription